Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Marley & Me - 2nd Edition

After seeing the movie Marley & Me last week, I realized I had a younger, minature version on my hands at home.... Ria and family are always asking "how's Hazel?" to which I usually give a response causing their next statement to be "you don't like her very much do you?" Katelyn and Kennedy came to spend the night last Saturday and make the trek to Buffalo with us the next day and got a first hand experience of why I respond the way I do! The pics give a teensy indication to their own agony with the little rascal....Being awakened by the little furry beast, trying to hide so she doesn't claw your eyes out (yup that's Kate's skinny little butt sticking in the air with her head buried in her pillow), having Hazel fake "oh I'm such a calm puppy" on the car ride so she could ride on Kate's lap and finally even wearing KATELYN the dog lover of all dog lovers out!