Sunday, December 14, 2008

Come Rain, Shine or Blizzard

Didn't get your Fargo Forum this morning? Call this man. After a 12 hr. bus trip to Fergus Falls yesterday with the Fargo High Swim Team, Richie left for the Forum at 1:00 AM this morning to get his 130 carriers out with the Sunday Forum. This is him coming home at 11:00 am...after digging out several carriers and a few neighbors along the way. All he wants for Christmas is some snowpants and a face mask. He called his Mom in Mpls. to tell her he'd never seen anything like it. She told him to come home. Good thing they shut down I-94 or he'd be heading southeast.

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gmab said...

Congratulations to Richard for braving the blizzard. When I heard very early this morning that the Forum would be late I was very surprised when it was here shortly after 7 by a white SUV. Was It Richard ?