Friday, March 27, 2009

River Pics

Closing the I-94 blocks from my house.

A dike being built around a business 3 blocks from my home

Water by the Center Ave Bridge in Mhd.

Water up to Herbergers Store at Mhd Center Mall - the entire bottom level of this 3 level parking ramp is under water.

Sandbagging operation at Mhd Tech School where Richie has been dumping loads of sand he's had to haul in all the way from Hawley, MN

The dike built off 8th Street Ramp in Mhd by David's house

Dike off I-94 by 8th Street Ramp on South side of Davids House

David's neighbor's house with sandbag dike all around

David's green house where you can see sandbags and water 1/2 way up the side and water all around.... Sorry had to take from my car while driving on the Freeway! This is as close as a non-emergency person can get to his house

River behind David's house off of I-94 almost up to bottom of bridge.

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