Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Tired Flood Fighter

Home at 7 last evening for a quick shower, glass of beer, some sleep, and checking out the news on TV. When walking in the door he asked me "And you said I needed to move you back HERE?" After his first experience of 2 North Dakota blizzards, minus 30 temperatures, and now a history-making record flood, I guess I can understand his comments. When asked what it's like out there he gives me 3 words over and over again. Eeery, overwhelming and emotional. Says it's very hard to drive away from some of these homes right on the river, leaving those people behind and not being able to get out of the truck and help.

He's back in the truck for the 6th day in a row today. With no sandpiles left in the immediate area, Aggregate's making them drive all the way to the pit in Rollag just to pick-up one load of sand. Quite the haul with precious cargo.

Says he wants prime rib the Wild Rice Bar of all places... :-) Wonder if it's open.

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