Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Miss Jillian!

I was the lucky Grandma today who got to take Miss Jillian to her pre-school Christmas Program.....After a healthy dose of "lip gloss" she was ready to go :-) She's the one on the very right hand end of the bleachers. As her teacher told me after the program "that little girl sings her guts out" ! Our favorite song was the CHRISTMAS one...we got to see her classroom where she displayed her cubby and showed me the baby Jesus nativity scene. How special to go to a school where the real Christmas Story is taught. We had a treat, met her friends and then headed back out to the car where the always exuberant, always excitedly announcing something Miss Jillian pronounced "Well Grandma, WAS THAT A PROGRAM OR WHAT !!!!"......We then met up for a great lunch out with Mommy, Delaney and the Big E who had all attended Delaney's kindergarten program at her school. What fun!

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