Friday, October 30, 2009

a little of each....

so I had another birthday.... it was great and i even received greetings from nieces and nephews who remembered ! thanks guys! i love getting "real" mail and always try to send out "real" cards to friends and family via "real" mail..something about the surprise of getting mail in your mailbox... so this year I received many, many fun cards. also this year, a few wrote inside the cards the the people pictured on the front reminded them of "ME"... so thought I'd share some of them with you to see what you think!

got this one from jim and johanna... she wrote the "spirit-filled" girl on the front reminded her of me... I kinda have to agree!

got this one from my friend carol who i worked with at moorhead high... and i swear this is just how my grandma christianson looked back in 1952...seriously....i know i inherited her legs...ugh

got this one from my long-time friend jan... and i really think the lady in the green dress on the left has some "sandi" in her....

and finally I got this one from my old boss "DOC" in the cities... and of all them, i think this one most accurately reflects who i think i am... or who i'd like to picture myself as being... a lively, old retired lady just sipping her coffee in the local coffee shop down at the lake, wearing her sun hat, colorful clothing and flip flops....actually I have a pair of sparkly, sequined lime green flips flops just like these!

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