Saturday, September 12, 2009

That's One Big Truck

Looky! Looky! who I ran into out and about the other day...Work has picked up!

Today, Aggregate has Richie off at Yunker's Farm for their annual Kids Day Event showing all the little tykes how a cement truck works. Richie volunteered for this event... which surprises me as he's known to be a man of few words :-). He gets to bring the newest, shiniest truck of the fleet and give tours! ... you know, sorta act like the "MayTag Man" I we all know, an Aggregate Truck is always on time and never breaks down!

I'm off to my cabin... to sew and create all day ... and sit and watch the leaves turn golden :)
I finally got the bathroom done... Thanks Mom for the red rugs! They're a perfect fit!
Tommorrow Richie says we're going to Dalton??? to some Steam Thresher's show???? Yikes, I thought he got his fill in Rollag last week.

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