Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Sister

This picture just warms my heart. It's Jillian and Delaney about to approach "Chuckie Cheese" for a photo op. I watched from behind as Jillian reached out to grab her bigger sister's hand. I couldn't resist taking the pic cuz' I've seen these 2 sisters do this before when one was apprehensive about something, and it touched me. To me, it's what having a sister is all about... comfort.... security... someone who's got your back no matter what....made me think about my own sister and how she's been there for me many times in the messes I've made in life...I was the older one, supposed to watch out for the younger one...yet it's she who's had to be there for me way more more often. We are 19 months apart my sister and I.... these two sisters are 21 months apart. So much ahead of them to encourage one another about, pray for one another about, keep secrets from mom and dad but tell each other about.... Hope I can hang around to see them both grow up and continue to take pictures like this :-)

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